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Bailey and Tanner Engagements





I don't remember the last time I worked with such a happy, playful, beautiful couple.  They say (whoever "they" is) that smiles are contagious.  I wholeheartedly agree - authentic smiles are contagious.  :)  How could you not smile looking at these two?



002-DSC_1588 003-DSC_1575






We started at Vivian Park up Provo Canyon, then worked our way past Sundance and through the Alpine Loop.  One of my all-time favorite places during the fall season.   If you have the chance, the Alpine Loop is even better by motorcycle!







To cheese or not to cheese?  I spent many years of my life trying to be sophisticated, mature, and avoiding cheesy at all costs.  But the older I get, the more I smile when people embrace the cheesy, sappy, silly, playful, ridiculous part of life and relationships.  It's fun.  So, with that in mind, we had to throw the leaves in the air.


009-DSC_1557 010-DSC_1560







That's all, folks!


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Noteworthy 2011

  A couple of months ago, we did a promotional photoshoot for Noteworthy.  I had a blast shooting them last year, and so I was excited to be able to do it again this year.  We headed on up to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon while we still had Fall colors on the trees.



Soon after we started, we heard this rumble from the highway, and this long line of VW bugs and vans rolled into the parking lot next to the picnic tables.  It turned out the Wasatch Vintage VW's club had run through the Alpine Loop and was stopping for lunch.  It turned out one of the members had this awesome green bug that went perfectly with Noteworthy's green ties.  :D




Yay for fall leaves!!!






Group shots done, headshots done, now it's time for fun and silliness!





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Summer love with Heidi & Steve


This post embodies a lot of what I love about summer.  Bright colors, bare feet, lots of sunshine, watermelon and mountain streams.... this engagement session had it all!  Heidi and Steve were just great, and brought tons of super fun colors in their wardrobe.


We shot up past Sundance near the start of the Alpine Loop, and these were actually taken mid-day. Up the canyon it is often best to start earlier because you can get these wonderful backlit trees and leaves... they are gorgeous!











Xinling & Daniel

Xinling and Daniel were married last December, but their reception is scheduled for next week.  They wanted some photos for their reception to show off how fabulous they are and how much they are in love with each other, and I have to say these do the trick!  Xinling is gorgeous, and you can almost hear how awesome her laugh and how sweet her personality are just by looking at her.  Daniel was fantastically supportive, and you could absolutely tell that he was willing to do anything to make his bride happy.

We spent the entire time in Vivian Park up Provo Canyo.  I love this train that they have there... it makes for some great lighting opportunities!

Xinling had a couple of super cute outfits, but I loved the chinese dress she wore for the more formal part of the engagements.  She had another one that she wore as part of the formals- you'll have to check back and see that one when I get those done!


I also loved the different scarves that Xinling had for her outfits- just a perfect dash of color for each.

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Andrea & Steven

Andrea and Steven's wedding is coming up, and we never had a chance to post this engagement shoot from last fall. This couple has AWESOME style. Seriously- they should start a blog or something. We lucked out with this romantic rainy day, and I still hold that this was one of my favorite engagement shoots that I have ever done. Vivian Park Engagements


Provo Engagement Photos


Utah Wedding Photography

The best thing about Andrea and Steven?  They are lindy hoppers!  Every time two dancers meet and fall in love, the jazz gods smile down upon us.


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Mountains and Lights

I have decided that Bridal Veil falls looks 115% better frozen.  It's so majestic!

Brittany and Jordan were super fun and easy-going.  Sometimes when I'm taking photos it just feels like I'm goofing off with friends and I happen to have a camera along.

I was so glad to see that the Riverwoods in Orem went all out on the Christmas lights for the area.  Remember boys and girls..... lots of light in the background = super-awesome-colorful-lit-backgrounds smudged into perfection by the camera's depth of field.  Candles, lit windows, street lamps, Christmas lights- all of these will give you gorgeous results used properly.

I was sad to see they removed the old train car from Vivian park (Thomas and I even shot our engagements around it)- they did, however, replace it with a very colorful newer-style train car that is just as fun to work with in its own way.

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