Xinling & Daniel

Xinling and Daniel were married last December, but their reception is scheduled for next week.  They wanted some photos for their reception to show off how fabulous they are and how much they are in love with each other, and I have to say these do the trick!  Xinling is gorgeous, and you can almost hear how awesome her laugh and how sweet her personality are just by looking at her.  Daniel was fantastically supportive, and you could absolutely tell that he was willing to do anything to make his bride happy.

We spent the entire time in Vivian Park up Provo Canyo.  I love this train that they have there... it makes for some great lighting opportunities!

Xinling had a couple of super cute outfits, but I loved the chinese dress she wore for the more formal part of the engagements.  She had another one that she wore as part of the formals- you'll have to check back and see that one when I get those done!


I also loved the different scarves that Xinling had for her outfits- just a perfect dash of color for each.

Take a look at the rest of Xinling and Daniel's engagement photos here.  The photos from their formals session will be making an appearance on the blog soon!