City County Building

McDougal Family

  I was so happy to get to shoot the McDougals and their extended family the Eichers.  Since shooting Holli and David's wedding earlier this year, we've become really good friends.  We've even got a regular pinochle game going.  What is pinochle you say?  Only the greatest old-person card game ever! Seriously, Thomas and I are completely addicted, and we were happy when we found another couple to share our nerdiness with.


I'm getting distracted though- back to the photos!



This fall was so awesome!  The colors on the trees just kept sticking around, even after we started to get some snow...






Whipped cream + tiny cookies + hot chocolate on a cold day=  yum.




Snowball fight!









Eichers Family

  We shot the Eichers and the McDougals together for some extended family potraits.  You may remember seeing them when I shared the photos from Holli and David's wedding earlier this year.



I love shooting in the capital building... lots of natural light, it's a gorgeous building, and best of all? It's warm in the wintertime.  :D



This family is so expressive!  It's awesome when family portraits include a healthy dose of silliness.





The red glasses made it around to most of the family members.  They add a certain amount of panache to the wearer, don't they?





And what better to finish pictures than with hot chocolate and humungous marshmallows?















Dunford Family

  What's more fun that taking family photos with awesome hats and a GINORMOUS dog?  Taking them in a snowstorm that combines the last bit of fall colors with the blustery weather of Christmas!


The Dunford family was awesome to work with, and one of their dogs is seriously about as big as I am.  It was great!


And look how adorable little Caroline was!  Between the hat, the boots, and the little bit of 'tude she's showing, she is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!
I loved how colorful this shoot turned out, and how it didn't matter how cold it was or if it was snowing; this family was up for it!
Plus, a return to extreme adorableness.


Hindsight is always 20-20.  The more weddings I do, the more opinions I have about what I would have done differently for my own wedding.  If I could do it again, I would totally have a birdcage veil.  I love them!
I thought Miriam looked fabulous, and we had fun shooting in downtown SLC at the library and the city & county building.  It was the best of both worlds- gorgeous modern architecture and nice warm conditions inside the library, then beautiful newly-fallen snow and classic buildings across the street.