Timpanogos Temple

Alicia and Craig's Formals


If I had to describe Alicia as a bride in one word it would be: elegant.  She was poised and beautiful, it was really hard to get a bad picture of her!  And Craig looked alright too :)  Actually, I loved the suit and thought he pulled off the skinny tie quite well!  We started at the Utah State Capitol and shooting there was rather interesting this day.  There was some meeting in progress - state senate or something - so we had lots of official looking people as an audience or even showing up in the background of the pictures.









Then we drove to the Timpanogos temple to catch the sunset as the temple lit up.  It was so cold!  But worth every minute.  We got such a gorgeous sky that night!





Even the view in the parking lot was amazing!  Alicia was excited because her colors were pink, grey, and white (or cream.  I admit I don't really remember) but the sky cooperated perfectly for the pinks!






Alicia and Craig's wedding day was Saturday and we had a perfectly beautiful snowy day.  Check back tomorrow for the photos!







Heidi & Steve: Newlywed Photos at Timponogos Temple

  Heidi and Steve had one of the most gorgeous days of the summer.  The landscaping at the LDS Timpanogos Temple was awesome and bursting with color, and we had oodles of sunshine to bring them all out.



I loved the collar on Heidi's wedding dress!  It worked perfectly with her short hair... so cute!




All right boys and girls, y'all know the secret to getting that awesome glow to people and to bringing out colors that blow out your corneas?  Back light!  Use it well, use it often.



We did most of the group photos at Sleepy Ridge, which I'll share in a later post, but this group photo was taken at the temple and really lets you get to know the wedding party in all their glory.








Brides & Baseball

Brittany and Jordan got married in the LDS Timpanogos Temple January 29th.  We lucked out a got a beautifully sunny and warm day for mid-winter. It makes it a little easier to have those natural smiles when you are not worried about your extremities freezing and falling off!

Bryce Harper with a video camera recording his sister's wedding

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, with brother Brian Harper, South Carolina Gamecocks

We actually got through the entire wedding day without realizing the entire baseball significance for Brittany's family.  Brittany's brother, Bryce Harper, was the 2010 first round draft pick and plays for the Washington Nationals, and her other brother Brian is a pitcher for the South Carolina Gamecocks.  We just kept seeing this bat floating around!

Bryce Harper and Brian Harper with their sister Brittany

I loved this wedding because the people in it were so expressive.  It makes it a lot more like just hanging out with friends and recording what they happen to be doing as opposed to "I'm-here-to-shoot-the-wedding-so-stand-straight-everyone-hands-in-pockets-now-SMIIIIILE!"

Brittany and Jordan were great to work with, and we got a great variety of emotions in the few minutes we had for newlywed photos before the reception.

Check out the entire wedding and all the full galleries here.








A Vintage Dress, Fit For a Princess

Anastasia grew up watching Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson each get married and looking at all those old pics from famous weddings in the 1950s and 1960s- it definitely had an impact on her wedding style. In fact, her wedding dress was made as an exact replica of Grace Kelly's wedding dress when she married the Prince of Monaco. Her dress was beautiful, and definitely one of the most unique I have shot. The tulips were in full bloom for the shoot- definitely one of my favorite flowers.

A horse and carriage ride was definitely a requirement. :)

Just take a look at that veil and the back of the dress....

I think the vintage feel of this one really fits the dress.

You can see more photos here.