Heidi & Steve: Newlywed Photos at Timponogos Temple

  Heidi and Steve had one of the most gorgeous days of the summer.  The landscaping at the LDS Timpanogos Temple was awesome and bursting with color, and we had oodles of sunshine to bring them all out.



I loved the collar on Heidi's wedding dress!  It worked perfectly with her short hair... so cute!




All right boys and girls, y'all know the secret to getting that awesome glow to people and to bringing out colors that blow out your corneas?  Back light!  Use it well, use it often.



We did most of the group photos at Sleepy Ridge, which I'll share in a later post, but this group photo was taken at the temple and really lets you get to know the wedding party in all their glory.








Brides & Baseball

Brittany and Jordan got married in the LDS Timpanogos Temple January 29th.  We lucked out a got a beautifully sunny and warm day for mid-winter. It makes it a little easier to have those natural smiles when you are not worried about your extremities freezing and falling off!

Bryce Harper with a video camera recording his sister's wedding

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, with brother Brian Harper, South Carolina Gamecocks

We actually got through the entire wedding day without realizing the entire baseball significance for Brittany's family.  Brittany's brother, Bryce Harper, was the 2010 first round draft pick and plays for the Washington Nationals, and her other brother Brian is a pitcher for the South Carolina Gamecocks.  We just kept seeing this bat floating around!

Bryce Harper and Brian Harper with their sister Brittany

I loved this wedding because the people in it were so expressive.  It makes it a lot more like just hanging out with friends and recording what they happen to be doing as opposed to "I'm-here-to-shoot-the-wedding-so-stand-straight-everyone-hands-in-pockets-now-SMIIIIILE!"

Brittany and Jordan were great to work with, and we got a great variety of emotions in the few minutes we had for newlywed photos before the reception.

Check out the entire wedding and all the full galleries here.








Oh the weather outside is frightful....

Wedding photography, like life, takes place in all seasons and all kinds of weather.  I love sunshine because it gives such a bright and happy feeling and results in really vibrant colors.  I love cloudy days because it creates beautiful, soft and diffused light.  I love rainy days because it reminds me of a musical (I always feel like singing and dancing!), and because the rain clouds can make the most amazing and dramatic skies. I love snowstorms because they are just romantic.  Can't you picture going for a walk in the snow, getting twirled around by the one you love?

...ignore the fact that we couldn't feel our appendages and snow was pelting everyone in the face sideways at 40mph.  Romantic, right?

Because of the weather, we decided to start the formals session with Nicole and Josh indoors at Heritage Gardens.  Their reception would be held there the next day and we were lucky to have access to it.  It's a beautiful location, and if you are looking for a venue, I definitely recommend it.

Nicole's dress (from David's Bridal) was beautiful!  I especially loved the texture of the pink band around her waist.  It always helps to bring some more color into the photos.

After Heritage Garden we shot a little bit at the LDS Timpanogos Temple where they were getting married.  The lights on the grounds and the snow just made it a magical setting... it was AMAZING.  Nicole and Josh were such troopers with the snow.  We would jump out and shoot for a few minutes, and jump back in the cars to thaw;  the temperatures were freezing, but the Nicole and Josh were just wonderful!

Take a look at their entire formals session here.

Jordan and Mike- Bringing the Funk

I loved this reception for two reasons-

  1. candy bar- enough said.
  2. 90% of it was dancing. Par-TAY.

At the end, Thomas and I were even able to put down our cameras and boogie down for one song!  Receptions with lots of dancing always seem to be more of a celebration and more of a party to me.... and Jordan and Mike definitely went all out getting down with their bad selves!

 002DSC_3769  003DSC_3284

 004DSC_4026  019DSC_7684

 007DSC_4637  016DSC_4883

 009DSC_4944  001DSC_4977